The Management Team

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Jonathan Hart, LNHA
Executive Director


Stacy Bastian, LNHA, RN
Assistant Administrator


Jenevieve Nablo, RN
Director of Nursing

Jones_Stephanie.JPG   bio_pic.jpg   Dulak_Katey.JPG

Stephanie Jones
Director of Finance


Kenneth Swain
Director of Facilities


Kathleen Dulak
Director of Activities & Volunteer Services

Sinclair_Maureen.JPG   Daly_Danielle.JPG   Rizzo_Janet.JPG

Maureen Sinclair
Director of Nutritional Services


Danielle Daly
Human Resource Business Advisor


 Janet Rizzo
Clinical Liaison

Leslie_Cathy.JPG   Brown_Laura.JPG    

Cathy Leslie
Admissions Coordinator


Laura Brown, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing





Visiting Hours:
Our Lady of Peace Nursing Care Residence honors open visiting hours however, in deference to the nursing care of our residents, suggested visiting hours are between 9:00am through 9:00pm. Thank you.