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Short-term therapy for lifelong results
Serving also as an elderly rehabilitation facility, our nursing home provides first-rate occupational therapy services, speech therapy services & physical therapy services tailored to each resident’s needs. We serve the Western New York (WNY) community, including Buffalo, New York, Lockport, Niagara Falls NY and Youngstown, New York.

Get back on your feet with "Steps to Life."
At the Our Lady of Peace "Steps to Life" Rehabilitation Unit, your goal is our goal. Whether you are recovering from an illness, surgery or accident, we provide short-term, in-house rehabilitation services to meet your individual needs. We work with your physician to develop a specific plan of care that is overseen by an interdisciplinary team, which may include a rehab physician, nurses, therapists, a dietitian, chaplain and/or social worker together to coordinate an optimum plan of care, ensuring all your needs are addressed.

Our rehabilitation services are designed to maximize independence and ease the transition from hospital to home. Our highly experienced staff will work closely with your family members to determine expectations and time frames, and are available as a resource throughout your rehabilitation stay. You will be provided with intensive care focused on your specific needs.

Care is aggressive in order to optimize recovery, as our main goal is to have you return home safely with confidence in your abilities. Our staff provides just the right balance of care, encouragement and expertise throughout the entire process to enable you to reach your individual goals.

Faculty and staff that is second-to-none.
"Steps to Life" is one of Western New York's newest rehabilitation units. Our facility is spacious and bright, with a comfortable, resident-friendly atmosphere and the most advanced rehabilitation equipment. This includes a whirlpool for specialized therapy and our state-of-the-art Voyager lift, one of a few currently available in Western New York (WNY).

Our experienced staff is trained in the most up-to-date techniques in order to speed your recovery and maximize your outcomes. Round-the-clock registered nursing care ensures that there is always expert care available, whenever you need it. Therapy sessions are scheduled throughout the day to promote faster recovery and to speed your discharge.

A truly comfortable environment.
"Steps to Life" is located in its own "neighborhood" at Our Lady of Peace, with a separate entrance and its own parking area. Our facility offers comfortable rooms with privacy walls, separate climate controls and televisions; a comfortable entertainment center; and restaurant-style dining that offers a variety of appetizing meals served on authentic china. "Steps to Life" also offers the convenience of an on-site chapel, beauty parlor and barbershop.

A full range of therapy to help you on your way.
"Steps to Life" offers a full range of therapy options to help you maximize your recovery, utilizing the latest techniques to restore function, strength and mobility. Some of our therapy regimens include the following:

  • Speech Therapy services 
    Housed in our elderly rehabilitation facility are skilled speech therapists who treat speech, language and voice disorders and swallowing difficulties. After an initial evaluation, speech therapists design a plan to help residents re-learn communication skills. Swallowing therapy treats problems that interfere with the ability to eat, drink and receive proper nutrition. In addition to treating residents, therapists also help family members understand speech, language and swallowing disorders, as well as teaching the proper strategies and techniques for managing them. 
  • Occupational therapy services 
    "Steps to Life" occupational therapists will help residents with permanent and temporary disabilities achieve independence in all facets of their lives, including work, play and leisure activities. Our therapists have received highly specialized training in the latest techniques to help restore function and prevent injury. When a skill and/or strength has been maximized, "Steps to Life" therapists can offer creative solutions to help residents regain independence. 
  • Physical Therapy services 
    Physical therapy is devoted to treating, healing and preventing injuries and disabilities. "Steps to Life" nursing staff will work in collaboration with all therapists to provide care that supports the progress of each individual's therapy. This ensures a continuity of treatment that helps residents reach goals more quickly and effectively. 

We're here to answer your questions. Please call us at 716.298.2900 with inquires about "Steps to Life," and find out more about how we can ease your recovery or the recovery of a loved one.

For skilled occupational therapy services, speech therapy services & physical therapy services, Our Lady of Peace will give you the peace of mind you need. We serve the Western New York (WNY) community, including Buffalo, New York, Lockport, Niagara Falls NY and Youngstown, New York

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